Your Chi Sense

You will be aware that there are five basic human senses: touch sight, sound, smell and taste.

There are other senses too, including the sense of ‘space’ called proprioception. This is a sense of where our limbs are in relation to each other. A sense of our body in relation to its environment. This sense of space helps us to catch a ball, climb up steps without looking and touch our nose with our eyes closed. Those with a lack of sense of space can be clumsy and unco-ordinated.

There is also your Chi sense. This sense is related to your feelings about other people, places and even future events. Your Chi sense is less well understood in general yet it is very important to enable us to make decisions and take action that is beneficial for our survival. Some people can sense danger when others cannot. Some people can have a sense to do something which will prevent accident or disaster. Another example is when you go shopping and you suddenly think of an item to buy but disregard it. Then when you go home you realise that you have run out of that item.

We can test our Chi sense by ignoring it and seeing what happens. We can quickly learn that this sense is invaluable in smoothing the challenges in life and taking action at the right time, when we think of it, and not delaying it.

You can develop your Chi sense to grow stronger and clearer so you can read its messages quicker and more effectively. To do this, you need to cultivate your personal energy system (including your meridian energy channels) clearing energy blocks and brightening and strengthening your energy flow.

The Chi sessions, classes and courses at the SC Centre aim to re-build your energy system. To strengthen and nurture it, so you can manage the challenges life throws at you with a more pro-active and confident approach, in synergy with the natural world around you.