Music for Wellness 45 mins

We invite you to join us at the SC Centre in Poundbury where you will experience a calming and rebalancing 45 minutes session of sound, melodic chanting, recharging Chi movements and meditation to music.

These music-based Chi sessions aim to clear, recharge and reset your mental and physical energies using the power of music and Chi. We will create a sanctuary of sound within and around us.

Korea Water Scene
Chi Exchange

Section 1 : Connect to Bright Energy

How to create a balanced Chi connection.

Experience the calming effects of sound on your mind and body.

10 mins +

Section 2 : Power of the Voice

Using a new sound alphabet unique to the Shinsundochi ® method, we will teach you how to connect to bright energy through your own voice.

No previous chanting or singing experience is necessary. It is your effort and focused intention that is most important.

10 mins +


Section 3 : Movements to Support Physical Health

We will teach you slow, targeted movements to release negative energy from your head and throughout your body.

10 mins +

Section 4 : Calm the Mind

We will talk about the benefits of meditation and how we use meditation in the Shinsundochi ® method.

We will guide your meditation with words and the support of piano soundscapes. The combination of both elements works to calm your mind more quickly and use meditation more effectively.

10 mins +

Francoise photo

Françoise Ha MCHP, MISM


Françoise is an experienced Chi Master Practitioner with a background in music education.

She is a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and has Teaching Diplomas in Instrumental Teaching (LTCL). She is also a member of Complementary Health Professionals (CHP)

Françoise has been inspired to use her skills in piano performance, improvisation and composition to create these Music for Wellness Sessions.

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