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COVID-19 Update

We are in Tier 2 and can now offer in-person treatments.
Natural Relief and Benefits of Treatment

We offer holistic Chi Energy Treatments originating from the mountains of South Korea. There is a choice of either in-person or distance healing sessions. In particular, Chi therapy can be beneficial for those who are:

In Pain

Emotionally/Mentally Drained

Physically Tired



At the SC Wellness & Learning Centre we welcome people of all ages from those stressed with work, tired parents, injured athletes to the retired who often feel a lot of pain and are looking for respite. We also treat newborn babies who cannot sleep and teenagers who are stressed from schoolwork and exams. 

Every individual comes to us for help with their own specific set of issues and our practitioners are very experienced in addressing the underlying problems, including supporting those who are emotionally worn out and fatigued. For all our therapy sessions we require a Health Questionnaire to be completed prior to your appointment. This will be referred to during the consultation at the beginning of the session and feedback at the end of the session. 

Please note that social distancing will apply and PPE will be in use as per Government guidelines. There will be hand sanitiser available and we will undertake regular cleaning of surfaces including massage tables after each client.

SAVE £10 off your first Chi Treatment when using the coupon code “TENTREAT” at our Online Shop. Or call us on 01305 753 415 or 0330 1331 034.

Please read on for further details.

1) Traditional Chi Sound & Acupressure Treatments

A Chi Treatment is a fully clothed, sound and acupressure energy treatment which aims to clear and brighten personal energy levels. The Chi Therapist uses a special breathing technique to transmit energy through sound as well as using acupressure to work on the individual’s energy meridian system. Unblocking and opening the energy meridian channels aids the therapist to rebalance and recharge your energy levels. 

A course of Chi Treatments aims to cumulatively clear and strengthen your physical and mental energy, helping to release stress, pain and fatigue and is recommended in order to achieve the best results. 

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Full Body or Targeted Treatment?


A Full Body Treatment allows us to review your whole energy system. We can focus on areas we sense need special attention and then guide Chi energy throughout the whole body. This is a thorough Chi Treatment and a course of Treatments aims to cumulatively overhaul and recharge your energy levels to support you to rebalance both physically and mentally.


In a Targeted Chi session, the Chi Therapist focuses primarily on a defined area of the body to move and revitalise energy levels. This can be useful where an individual feels a specific area of their body requires special attention e.g. a painful knee or stiff shoulders/neck.

A full body treatment costs £60 or £295 for a package of 6 sessions (SAVE £65).

A targeted treatment costs £40.

You can use the treatment discount code ‘TENTREAT‘ to receive £10 off your first treatment or package of treatments.  Click here for our Online Shop.

2) Distance Sound Healing Chi Treatments

These Sound Healing Chi sessions are offered over Skype (or similar HD conferencing) or telephone.

These Chi sessions aim to connect the Chi Practitioner with the client at a deep, energetic level without needing to touch the client physically.

Similar to the traditional hands-on Chi Treatment, during the session the Chi Practitioner will scan your energy system and sense blocked areas. Energy is transmitted from the Practitioner to you through sound and direct intention in order to open up your meridian system and help energy to flow more freely throughout your body.

The Practitioner also aims to recharge your energy levels so your body can kickstart itself and begin to heal itself again naturally. 

These distance healing treatments can be very powerful and can either supplement or appeal to an individual in a different way to our traditional hands on Chi Treatments.

A single distance healing treatment costs £50. You can receive £10 discount off your first treatment with the code ‘TENTREAT’Click here for our Online Shop.

A Client's Personal Story

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"After falling off a horse one time too many, I ended up having a successful hip replacement. However from time to time it would start giving me serious pain. And from time to time for no reason I would have recurrent bouts of really bad eczema down the scar which was very irritating. The GP couldn’t help me, even with referrals to the dermatologist. In fact I think I am allergic to paraffin because any of the medications just seemed to inflame it.
After a few treatments with Master Ha the eczema appeared to get worse coming out all over my thighs and Master Ha picked up on the fact that I was still holding some memory trauma from the operation. I then told him that there had been a complication after the operation where the main arterial vein in my thigh was severed and I was indeed bleeding out. All the medical team thought they had lost me however I am here to tell the tale; after major blood transfusions. It seems that there was something that needed to be expressed and since finishing my course of treatments I have never had any problem and the hip is better than ever."
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James T.
Client, Therapies

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