Energy Link Theory

Why does history repeat itself so often?

What is causing similar events to happen again and again in human life?

Why do the same things happen to the same person / group of people?

The Energy Link Theory looks at the energy from past events and human actions that feed through from the past to the present day. This energy doesn’t just disappear. The resulting energy becomes an actuality in time and becomes part of an energy timeline.

This energy line can then affect what happens next in the world. Sometimes quite quickly, but sometimes it can take many years or even generations before the impact of this energy pattern is seen again. The components of this energy line can be complicated but the energy is like a seed and can germinate for a quite a while.

The pattern of this energy line can cause the same effects and situations to happen again and again. The energy line can also gain momentum and cause even greater effects over time.

These energy lines affect each person every day in their daily life. There are energy lines connected to individuals, to families. There are energy lines affecting specific places / spaces in the world through the history of time.

So understanding how to impact these energy lines is very important when trying to change your life for the better. Otherwise these connecting energy lines can block / restrict any changes you try to make.

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