Personal stories from those who have benefitted from Chi sessions.

“After falling off a horse one time too many, I ended up having a successful hip replacement. However from time to time it would start giving me serious pain. And from time to time for no reason I would have recurrent bouts of really bad eczema down the scar which was very irritating. The GP couldn’t help me, even with referrals to the dermatologist. In fact I think I am allergic to paraffin because any of the medications just seemed to inflame it.

After a few treatments with Master Ha the eczema appeared to get worse coming out all over my thighs and Master Ha picked up on the fact that I was still holding some memory trauma from the operation. I then told him that there had been a complication after the operation where the main arterial vein in my thigh was severed and I was indeed bleeding out. All the medical team thought they had lost me however I am here to tell the tale; after major blood transfusions. It seems that there was something that needed to be expressed and since finishing my course of treatments I have never had any problem and the hip is better than ever.”

James T – Chi Therapy Client

“I have always been interested in personal development but have always found the whole ‘spiritual’ thing a bit strange – put it this way, crystals and incense don’t do it for me. Neither am I a religious person but I do feel that there is something out there. I wanted to discover this for myself (I am a very independent, individual person) and I have found the ambiance and environment of the centre to be a real aid to me connecting more deeply with myself.”

Sophie C – Chi Classes

“Having suffered a frozen shoulder for years nothing seemed to work permanently. I tried everything from Acupuncture, lots of painkillers, Osteopathy and even a Chiropractor. I came to see Master Ha in desperation with another bout. During my first treatment he broke off and asked me about any relationship issues I had. Interestingly I was going through another painful breakup at the time and I was able to link the reoccurring attacks with deeply held emotional issues. Master Ha then went on to explain how we have a ‘gut brain’. Through dispersing blockages held within in this enteric nervous system, after a course of 6 sessions the shoulder was completely healed and although I come back for regular treatments now, the shoulder problem has never manifested again.”

Sarah M – Chi Therapy Client

“I had a 2 year old toddler who never slept for longer than 45 minutes in a row. By the end of 2 years I was completely exhausted and at my wit’s end (having believe me tried every single method there is!). During the first treatment with Master Ha my little girl fell asleep and remained soundly so for 2 hours. After the second treatment (she fell asleep again) she slept that night for 4 hours straight, the longest sleep I had had in 2 years. After every treatment it improved and improved. And although I can’t say she is one of the world’s greatest sleepers, she does get a solid 8-10 hours a night.”

Suzie T – Chi Therapy & Classes

“We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and learning the new techniques. Thank you for your time and patience. It was a very calm, relaxing session.”

Susan L – Chi Workshop Attendee

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together to stop the clock and I still do your martial arts movements in my kitchen!

Sharon B – Chi Workshop Attendee

“When Life brings us challenges and we become triggered emotionally, it is very reassuring to be able to talk with Françoise. She is very calm and a good listener and helps in putting things in perspective in our life’s journey – I thoroughly recommend a session with her.”​

Clare W – Therapies & Consultations Client