A Brighter Path Forward

In South Korea there is a saying that you will find those trying to cultivate a brighter mind and life in the mountains; 도인 (in English romanisation = the Doe-In or person following the way). This is one way to conceptualise a person who is looking for the real truth in the world, for the beauty in harmony between universe, man and nature. A search for a state of balance and peace in human existence within the infinite universe.


A path to fulfilment and greater brightness may not be seen in its entirety for the clouds in the way.

But once we are through the clouds, like an aeroplane flying high to the sun, we can see it was there all the time and always existed even though we could not know it for sure from where we started.


Here at the SC Centre, we have similar goals: trying to live the best life we can in harmony together with nature and the energy of the universe. Cultivating that inner peace and strength that enables us to overcome all challenges with clarity, direction and determination to get to the other side in better shape than we were before it happened. Living a brighter life in harmony with others and our wider communities.

There are many ways to better manage our journey in this life.  The Chi Master Practitioners at the SC Centre wish to share the experience and benefits of their Chi training. Showing you how you too can work creatively and positively with Chi, the life force of all living things, to make your life brighter.

See for yourself how personal experience of the directional effects of Chi on your mind and body can improve your life and give you hope and strength in yourself no matter what life throws at you. We are here to support you to grow stronger physically and mentally. To enable you to achieve your personal goals. 

Watch some of our videos online, read our blog, enrol in one of our online courses. Join a class with a Chi Master Practitioner online or in-person. Book a Chi therapy session to experience first-hand the cleansing effects of Chi.

Remember ‘patience is a virtue’ and consistent effort is key. The burgeoning ripples of change in our energy build over time to enable bigger waves of change for the future. It is through our own effort, experiences and personal discovery that we can grow our abilities to create beauty with Chi in this world.

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