Price List

Summary of our prices for Therapies, Classes & Courses at the SC Centre

Chi Therapy in Action

Chi Therapy

Adult Full Chi Therapy Session £50

5 Treatment Package £225

Chi Recovery Package £299 (includes online resources)

Reduced Rate for 11 years and under £35 per session

Sitting arms wide movement

Chi Workshops

Small Group Chi Workshop for 2 1/2 hours £35

Strengthen your Chi

Shinsundo Chi Classes

One-to-One 1 Hour Chi Class £50
(includes Personal Online Learning Account and Chi videos)

One-to-One 6 Classes Package £265
(includes Personal Online Learning Account and Chi videos)


Group Online Chi Class £10

Package of 6 Group Online Chi Classes £55

Personal Online Learning Account and Chi Videos £14.99 pm


Ness in Yoga pose

Yoga Chi

Please contact Ness for prices.
Piano Keyboard

Music for Wellness Sessions

Coming soon.



People on computers

Energy Link Programmes

An Energy Link Programme can last from one week to 3 months. Prices from £100.

Korean Seascape

Shinsundochi Chanting Courses

6 Week Chanting Course £65
(includes Personal Online Learning Account and Resources)

You are in safe hands with our experienced, qualified Practitioners.

Our Practitioners belong to various professional member organisations including Complementary Health Professionals (CHP) and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and follow their Code of Ethics. You can view each Practitioner’s experience and professional memberships in their personal biographies.
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Support when you need it.

When life brings us challenges and we become triggered emotionally, it is very reassuring to be able to talk with Françoise.

She is very calm and a good listener and helps in putting things in perspective in our life’s journey – I thoroughly recommend a session with her.”

Clare W. Chi Therapy & Consultations Client

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Purposeful Chi

A Brighter Path ForwardIn South Korea there is a saying that you will find those trying to cultivate a brighter mind and life in the mountains; 도인 (in English romanisation = the Doe-In or person following the way). This is one way to conceptualise a person who is...

What is Chi?

Understanding EnergyChi is life energy, usually invisible, and when we have abundant Chi we can use it to create what we wish for. During our daily routine, we may respond to another person's Chi (personal energy). Whenever we are near them or in conversation with...

Your Chi Sense

Are you in tune with yourself?You will be aware that there are five basic human senses: touch sight, sound, smell and taste. There are other senses too, including the sense of ‘space’ called proprioception. This is a sense of where our limbs are in relation to each...

Energy Link Theory

Connections are all around usWhy does history repeat itself so often? What is causing similar events to happen again and again in human life? Why do the same things happen to the same person / group of people? The Energy Link Theory looks at the energy from past...