Chi Workshops 
2 1/2 hours

Enjoy two and-a-half hours with an experienced Chi Master Practitioner.

We will cover some or all of the areas detailed below dependent on time and participants’ interests. 

This is a session to help connect the dots between the influences of Chi, our daily lives and what we can do to improve the impacts of these influences on our health and wellbeing.

We are currently reviewing the upcoming Chi Workshop dates. Please register your interest by sending us a message to find out more.

Chi Exchange

Section 1 : Chi Exchange & Chi Therapy

What is Chi?

What is Chi Exchange?

How does it work?

What impacts can Chi Exchange have on our health and wellbeing?

Examples of Chi Exchange.

Experience Chi Therapy in action.

15 mins +

Section 2 : Chi Flow Exercises & Movements

We will teach you a variety of movements and breathing exercises to clear and recharge your energy levels.

30 mins +

4 Squares

Section 3 : Shinsundochi Martial Arts

Dynamic action and exercises to clear negative energy in four directions. Unique Chi sequences from the Shinsundochi method.

30 mins +


Section 4 : Melodic Chi Chanting

What is Melodic Chi Chanting?

What is its purpose?

How can sound shift energy?

Let’s chant.

30 mins +

Section 5 : Chi Meditation

What is meditation? There are many definitions.

What is Chi meditation?

How to use Chi meditation practically in your daily life.

Let’s meditate.

30 mins +

Francoise photo

Françoise Ha MCHP, MISM


Françoise is an experienced Chi Master with a background in education.

The Chi Workshop is an opportunity for you to learn about the benefits and experience the practicalities of better Chi management in your life.

The session is tailored to your physical abilities and there is a mandatory health questionnaire to be completed prior to attendance.

Should you have a particular interest in any of the topics listed, please let us know when you make your booking.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together to stop the clock and I still do your martial arts movements in my kitchen!

Sharon B.

Chi Workshop Attendee

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