Shinsundo Chi ® Method

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Having taken up the family legacy by following in his father’s footsteps, Master Ha embraced a monastic style training in an ancient Taoist healing modality in the mountains of South Korea. He has brought this knowledge down from the mountain and to the West and now brings it to you.

Shinsundochi means “The Path to Bright Life”.

Life has many stages and its own lessons to teach each of us.

No one person’s path is the same but we believe we will be guided to the right place for learning what we need to at the right time.


Master Ha meditating with a client

From East to West

Master Ha and Françoise Ha wish to help people regain their health and brightness using the extensive skills and knowledge attained during their lives as Chi Masters.

They draw on the strong and demanding mental and physical discipline that is needed in order to support the Chi Master to de-toxify, clear and re-energise.

Together, they have re-formulated and adapted these practices for people to use in their daily lives to cope with their everyday stresses and challenges. To bring greater harmony and balance into your life.

Master Ha
Clearing Chi

Adjust Your Focus…

Shinsundochi can open new windows of knowledge and experience to those who come with an open mind.

Shinsundochi can also help those looking for renewed inspiration, understanding and direction to improve or even re-create their place in this world.

Expand Your Possibilities

The world is amazing and there is so much that we cannot see. Yet it still exists… as does Chi.

Personal experience can help you realise the value of learning more about Chi and how to manage Chi more effectively in your life.

The Shinsundochi® method encompasses Chi Flow exercises, martial arts movements, meditation, melodic chanting and other Chi clearing and recharging exercises and innovations.

Strengthen your Chi

Our Mission

Chi Masters are dedicated to helping improve the lives of others and supporting people to achieve their potential in whichever field they aspire to.

Whatever your situation, wherever you are, with determination and effort, you can find a bright way forward in your life.

We aim to clear connected and accumulated energies from your body and mind.

We work to bring brighter, stronger and clearer energy into your life.

We wish to create brighter pathways for your present and future.


Master Ha and Françoise photo

Master Ha and Françoise Ha

Founders, Shinsundochi

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