Chi Classes

We offer group Chi Classes and one-to-one sessions subject to availability and advance booking.

Take time to look after yourself  

Setting aside one hour each week to focus on yourself and your wellbeing and health can prove very beneficial. 

Sometimes we need a calm space and time where we can release pent up stress and emotions, recharge energy and refocus our priorities and further develop our personal vision for our life.

1-1 Sessions

One-to-one sessions allow us to focus on your priorities and vary the format and content of the session accordingly. 

A one hour session costs £50 either in-person at the SC Centre or online via Zoom. Or SAVE £35 when you book a course of 6 personal Chi sessions for £265.

Please click here to send us a booking enquiry or call us on 0330 1331 034 for further details.

Group Sessions 

We are reviewing the arrangements for our group in-person Chi Classes due to recommended social distancing. Please call us on 01305 753 415 or 0330 1331 034 or click here to send us a message should you be interested in finding out more.

Alternatively, you can join our group sessions online. Please click here to view the upcoming group classes starting in September.

Chi Movement & Meditation Classes

We run a regular weekly timetable Monday to Friday daytime and evening of one hour Chi Movement and Meditation Group Classes.

We teach a variety of slow Chi movements designed to clear negative energy from body and mind and recharge with bright, positive Chi.

These are the original Chi Classes which aim to re-align our energy antenna to tune to brighter and more peaceful energy levels, to open up and clear blocked energy channels and to recharge energy levels both physically and mentally. We start the session with chanting to reconnect to bright energy. Then we learn Chi movements to move energy around and within our body. These movements can be modified according to an individual’s capabilities as needed. Finally we finish with a calming and clearing meditation.

These sessions can be joined online via Zoom. Please click here to view and book the upcoming group classes starting in September.

Online classes cost £10 per session or you can save £10 by buying 6 online classes in advance for £50 (valid for 3 months).

Chanting Classes

Chanting sessions can help you to calm your mental energy as well as open up your main energy centres so Chi can flow more freely and in balance throughout your body. Chanting for an extended period complements and enhances the benefits of the Traditional Movement Classes.

We offer regular advanced Chi Melodic Chanting sessions which last 30-45 minutes including a short meditation at the end. These Chi sessions focus on how we use our voice and sound to move Chi. We become more aware of our breathing, the rhythm, melody and harmony of the chants and singing together in unison. There are no movements involved.

We are currently developing our Chanting Classes for beginners. Please get in touch should you be interested in finding out more.