All About Chi

Purposeful Chi

In South Korea there is a saying that you will find those trying to cultivate a brighter mind and life in the mountains; 도인 (in English romanisation = the Doe-In or person following the way). This is one way to conceptualise a person who is looking for the real truth in the world, for the …

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What is Chi?

Chi is life energy, usually invisible, and when we have abundant Chi we can use it to create what we wish for. During our daily routine, we may respond to another person’s Chi (personal energy). Whenever we are near them or in conversation with them their energy can connect to us and affect how we feel …

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Your Chi Sense

You will be aware that there are five basic human senses: touch sight, sound, smell and taste. There are other senses too, including the sense of ‘space’ called proprioception. This is a sense of where our limbs are in relation to each other. A sense of our body in relation to its environment. This sense …

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