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Drawing on 15 years of practice as Chi Practitioners and their own personal experiences of pregnancy, birth and beyond, Françoise and Ruth have developed classes and workshops that can help support you physically, mentally and emotionally as you prepare for the transition to parenthood. 

Embracing a truly holistic approach, we draw on ancient techniques and exciting new findings in child development and neuroscience to help you achieve the brightest future for your baby.

Ruth has a truly amazing gift to detect and clear energy disturbances. The world needs to know about your treatments. It would make the world a better place. Ruth I can’t thank you enough for helping me through a horrible time. You are certainly a ray of gorgeous healing energy.

J Pepper

More About Ruth

Ruth and baby picture

“Becoming a mother in 2007 opened up a whole new chapter of my life. I then trained as a birth and post natal Doula and supported women and families at home and at the Portland Hospital working under Professor Jauniaux until I left London in 2017.

During this time I also spent 5 years assisting the running of a weekly toddler group, advocating conscious parenting and facilitating group discussions during these sessions. Topics would include anything from child development to parenting challenges. I also ran popular Birth Art Café sessions and became a sling consultant.

In 2011 I trained as a BabyCalm and Toddercalm consultant and offered workshops at the Active Birth Centre. I continued working independently as a Conscious Parenting Consultant.

Then in 2015 I trained with Conscious Embodiment as an Integrative Baby Therapist – studying aspects of pre and peri natal psychology and birth trauma. This continues to inform my work.

The pyscho-spiritual nature of birth continues to fascinate me and I am so happy that I can combine my knowledge and experience with the wonders of Chi.”

Chi Therapy Sessions

We are here for you from pre conception, birth and beyond….


Whether you are preparing to conceive naturally or by assisted conception methods treatments can support your body by rebalancing and detoxing your system.

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes in preparation for birth. Treatments can ease many common conditions such as nausea, constipation, back pain, fluid retention, indigestion, blood pressure issues and can have a balancing effect on hormones. As your muscles and joints become softer and more flexible ready for birth, regular treatments can support the detoxification and realigning process and help to decongest the pelvic / cervical area to aid dilation when the time comes. We advise regular treatments as the physiological intention of each stage of gestation changes. Our aim is that you feel light and energised. This will also complement your other birth fitness programmes.

Bright Babies Session

Chi Therapy is an individual, fully clothed hands-on acupressure and sound energy treatment. It aims to revitalise, relax and restore your mental and physical wellbeing.

Treatment is also useful for targeting the aches and pains of pregnancy and thereafter.

Suitable for both mums, mums-to-be and babies. From £40.

Post-natal for Mums

Post- natally we can help restore your energy when sleep deprivation makes you feel exhausted and also re-balance baby as they begin their journey earthside.

Birth can be a marathon for mum and baby. Post-natally we can recharge and realign you and aid recovery from birth and any interventions. Treatments can speed up the healing process leaving you more energised to cope with the demands of a new baby.

For Baby

The journey from womb to world is probably the biggest transition we will experience in our lives. We now know that this experience can leave an imprint for life regardless of the circumstances.

Misalignment can cause colicky symptoms that affect the baby. These may include: reflux, unceasing crying, bodily tension, constipation, restless sleep and even breastfeeding issues.

With a prolonged or traumatic birth, pressure changes from a C-section, induction or assisted birth can misalign a baby’s sensitive and immature energetic system. Treatments are all permission-based with light non-invasive touch and take place fully clothed.


As you prepare for baby, you may want to consider Chi Treatments for anxiety management as well as any nutritional or exercise programmes.

We work on three main energy centres known as Danjuns. We work on the gut-brain connection and also the heart-brain. Frustration, worry or insecurity can result in heart-rhythm patterns becoming more erratic. These erratic patterns are sent to the emotional centres in the brain which recognise them as negative or stressful feelings. When the heart produces a different rhythm it can have a profound effect on overall health. This is why Chi Therapy complements assisted conception programmes.

The Parent-Child Bond

We now know how our experience in the womb, during birth and early infancy can impact us. The attachment relationship starts to develop during pregnancy (and some might say during the pre conception period…) Pre natal attachment and bonding to a primary caregiver is the most significant relationship of our lives. A positive parent to infant relationship improves life outcomes and can impact a child’s psychology and development overall – their personalty, friendships, resilience to stress, and how they actualise their potential in life.

Pre-Parenting Sessions

Here at SC Centre through our small group pre-parenting classes, we offer you the opportunity to engage with your child as an individual from conception through to birth. We also offer 1-1 Chi sessions on request for £50 per hour – click here to enquire.

Group Chi Sessions tailored for mums and mums-to-be:

Bright Babies Pre-natal Classes 

For pre-conception to birth – to relax, recharge and restore your personal energies.

Join our Bright Babies session at the SC Centre in Poundbury, Dorset. A weekly 45 minutes session led by an experienced Chi Practitioner, activities include:

1) Melodic Chanting
2) Stretching
3) Guided Meditation

A supportive private Facebook group “Bright Babies’ is also available for participants to join.

Join us from 11am-11.45am Wednesdays during term-time at the SC Centre. £15 per session or save £15 when you book 6 sessions as a package for just £75. Advanced bookings only as available places are limited to 4.

Chi Flow Exercise Classes

We will also be launching classes with Chi movements specifically designed with pregnancy and birth in mind.

You will learn how to move energy through your own body to gain greater comfort during pregnancy. This will also help your mobility, enhance flexibility and support your overall fitness. Plus you will benefit from having greater confidence in your own power to birth.

Pre-natal Chi Workshop

This 3 hour workshop will incorporate the Bright Babies Pre-natal Class plus the Chi Flow Exercise Class and extra activities.

10am-1pm on Saturdays. Please click here to view the workshop dates. Advanced bookings only as available places are limited to 4.

£45 or book more than 3 weeks ahead for a £10 discount. Earlybirds pay just £35.

More About Melodic Chanting

We now know that the emotional environment of the womb can impact babies brain chemistry – little brains need to feel safe and secure.  Research has shown that the sound of a mother’s voice can boost brain growth and is crucial in the formation of adult well being. Scientific examination proves that unborn infants make sound as they float within amniotic fluid and create vocal vibrations not unlike whales and dolphins and when research was carried out it was found that they preferred lyrical melodies similar to whale song. 

Among ancient societies the voice was considered to be passageway between mind and body and that vowel sounds hold a master code providing us with the potential to connect with a supreme state of consciousness  – they have been used in many cultures for transformative purposes  and may even stimulate DNA processes as they act as cellular enchantments. Breakthroughs in the field of sound healing/ bio acoustics show that by rebalancing  ‘sine waves’ an individual’s psychological and physiological status can be restored.

Sacred sounds, used with care and respect, have the power to heal, uplift us and release anxiety. Through our chanting classes you can create a precious space in your life to transcend the pressure ‘to do’ and help you simply ‘to be’ – to nurture you and your baby – calming and balancing mind, body and spirit. 

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