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Target Stress, Pain, Anxiety & Tiredness

Welcome to the SC Centre where we offer therapies, classes and courses that support you to create greater calm, positivity and zest for life. We are here to help you feel brighter and happier.

Recharge ~ Rebalance ~ Reset

Chi Therapy can help with:

Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

Stress & Tension Relief

Relieving Back Pain

Relieving Depression

Improving Circulation

Better Quality of Sleep

Relieving Sports Injuries

Post-Operative Recovery

& Post-Illness Convalescence.

Master Ha and Chi Therapy Client
Treatment on back

I initially started Chi Therapy to work on a musculoskeletal issue that wasn’t being fixed through other treatments or stretching.

A couple of days after the first session the pain began to ease and by the end of the second it was gone. Amazing.

It’s the most extraordinary type of treatment. If you’re open and receptive it’s like being plugged into source energy to recharge.

I definitely recommend it.

Clare G.

Chi Therapy Client

You are in safe hands with our experienced, qualified Practitioners.

Our Practitioners belong to various professional member organisations including Complementary Health Professionals (CHP) and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and follow their Code of Ethics. You can view each Practitioner’s experience and professional memberships in their personal biographies.
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We bring the energy of the mountains to you.

How can we help?

We offer a range of practical options for you to improve your health and wellbeing.

Please click on each heading to find out more about:

~ Chi Therapy

~ Chi Movement & Meditation Classes

~ Chi Workshops

~ Chi Reset Programme

~ Chi Chanting Courses

~ Music for Wellness Sessions

~ Yoga Chi Classes

~ Energy Link Programmes.

Each class and course uses varying techniques to stimulate the movement of Chi in your life.

For example, if you have a particular interest in music or the power of the voice, then you may be interested in finding out more about our unique Music for Wellness courses.

Chi Movement & Meditation Classes

Focusing on developing your mind-body-energy connection, we teach a variety of slow Chi movements designed to clear negative energy from body and mind and recharge with bright, positive Chi.

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Tailored stress management courses for the workplace

We can also create tailored courses for your workplace taking into account any business specific requests or goals. Providing wellness solutions for those short on time is our speciality.

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learning the new techniques.

Thank you for your time and patience. It was a very calming and relaxing session.

Susan L.

Chi Workshop Attendee

I find each Chi Therapy session with Master Ha very energising. I have often had an energy blockage but once I have had a session, this blockage has been released and I feel so much better.

The sessions are a real tonic for me and I love having them. Many thanks.

Ann B.

Chi Therapy Client

I feel more alert and focused. My mind is sharper and more awake; like the curtains have been drawn back.

I feel more energised and motivated. It’s about feeling different. Feeling more centred.

I don’t snack anymore. This is the ultimate in self-care.

Nicola D.

Chi Therapy Client

Chi Therapy for Babies

I had a 2 year old toddler who never slept for longer than 45 minutes in a row. By the end of 2 years I was completely exhausted and at my wit’s end (having tried so many different methods).

During the first treatment with Master Ha, she fell asleep and remained soundly so for 2 hours. After the second treatment (she fell asleep again) she slept that night for 4 hours straight, the longest sleep I had had in 2 years.

After each treatment it improved and improved. And although I can’t say she is one of the world’s greatest sleepers, she does get a solid 8-10 hours a night.

Suzie T.

Chi Therapy & Classes Client

Ruth’s treatments are incredible.

She is very instinctive and sensitive and works with you to enable real change and promote a healthy mind and body.

I felt very blocked and was struggling with pain and poor health but after several treatments with Ruth I felt a real shift and my health improved so much.

I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. She’s great.

Emma C.

Chi Therapy Client

I have always been interested in personal development. I am not a religious person but I do feel that there is something out there.

I wanted to discover this for myself as I am a very independent, individual person and I have found the ambiance and environment of the Centre to be a real aid to me connecting more deeply with myself.

Sophie C.

Chi Classes Member

Our Therapies, Classes & Courses

Please see a summary of what we offer below with buttons to click for further information.

Chi Therapy in Action

Chi Therapy

A holistic body and mind approach using acupressure and natural soundwaves, originating from the mountains of South Korea.

Your Chi Practitioner initially reviews your current health. Then they activate and stimulate your body’s physical and energetic processes using touch and sound. This aims to help you naturally regain stability and strength both physically and mentally.

Strengthen your Chi

Chi Movement & Meditation Classes

Join a regular one hour Chi Class each week  to create space for yourself to process the emotional and physical stresses of daily life.

Build your inner calm and mental clarity by connecting to the bright, calming energy of the SC Centre either in-person or online.

1-1 and group sessions available.

Sitting arms wide movement

Chi Workshops

Join an experienced Chi Master for two and a half hours. Learn Chi methods and techniques to improve your emotional and physical energy.

Explore the energetic influences that affect us on a daily basis. Grow your understanding and experience of the benefits and impacts of better Chi management on your health and wellbeing.

Korean Seascape

Chi Chanting Courses

These courses focus on developing your mind-universe connection through sound and melodic chanting.

Regular personal practice is recommended in order to steadily progress your mental clarity, strength and energetic stability.

We start with Level 1 Shinsundochi melodic chants.

Piano Keyboard

Music for Wellness Sessions

The power of music to affect our mood is well documented.

In these sessions we use the power of our voice to help clear blocked energy and to brighten our mood.

We also use pianoscapes to maximise the benefits of our meditation time.


Ness in Yoga pose

Yoga Chi

A unique approach using traditional Yoga practices and assists, together with the power of Chi.

This combination creates a powerful practice which deeply connects us to the energetic qualities of our movement.

People on computers

Energy Link Programmes

These are more in-depth Chi courses tailored specifically to you.

Energy Link Programmes look at clearing and boosting the energy in your life, your family’s life or for a person close to you.

An Energy Link Programme can last from one week to 3 months.

Master Ha teaching client
Master Ha meditating with a client

One-to-one Sessions

Booking a one-to-one session with one of our Chi Master Practitioners is the fast-track to improving your personal energy levels and personal health and wellbeing.

We tailor each one hour session to your physical capabilities, interests and goals.

SC Logo

Shinsundochi® Method

Master Ha and Françoise Ha are the founding Chi Masters of the Shinsundochi Method and Directors of the SC Centre

A second generation Chi Master, following in his Father’s footsteps, Master Ha has undertaken intensive physical and mental training in the mountains of South Korea.

With more than 20 years experience, Master Ha has adapted the original Chi Master practices to make them more accessible to modern life and busy living. So you too can take the opportunity to brighten the energy in your life regardless of your personal situation and lifestyle.

We bring the energy of the mountains to you.

Strengthen your Chi
Korea Water Scene

Join Us Online

With the worries of Covid-19 still affecting society, we are pleased to offer individual and group online sessions via Zoom or Skype.

These sessions can be particularly valuable for the vulnerable, people who are self-isolating and those short on time.

Online sessions can also be very convenient should you be unable to attend the SC Centre in Poundbury due to geographic distance.

In addition, we offer Online Courses where you can access videos and resources 24/7.

What’s Your Reset?

Feeling stuck? Feeling lost? Not sure which direction to go in? We all have our own individual path to walk in this life. Talk to us in confidence to find out how we can help open up new pathways in your life.

We offer a complimentary 15 minutes telephone consultation with one of our Chi Practitioners so you can discuss your personal circumstances and goals with us. We will then make guided recommendations as to which Practitioner, Class or Course may be most suitable for you.

Ruth meditating photo

Support when you need it.

When life brings us challenges and we become triggered emotionally, it is very reassuring to be able to talk with Françoise.

She is very calm and a good listener and helps in putting things in perspective in our life’s journey – I thoroughly recommend a session with her.”

Clare W. Chi Therapy & Consultations Client

Ready to get started?

Get in touch to book or find out more.

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